Founded in 2014 by Rachel Orsie-Coomer,
 Rachel O.C. has come a long way from lemonade stands, late night serving tables 
and living other people's dreams.

When Rachel first started out, her passion for creative transparency through art and personal branding drove her to quit her J.O.B. No 
longer having an income and only a "some college" education, Rachel put her natural passions to work. 

Rachel started playing guitar and singing when she was 13 when she got a Christmas present from her father who happens to be a musician, also. Learning covers for a few years she eventually started writing her own music around age 16. Now, 31, she teaches beginner guitar classes; holds online concerts as well as live shows; and teaches budding artists how to start their own creative business from home. Her teaching passion came from her love for the experience- having played in bands since 18; recorded a full album when in 2011. Some tracks were salvage but most were lost on an old computer! 

Her style is considered Indie Folk, playing a mix of covers and originals. Rachel's recommended if you like Heartless Bastards, Shawn Colvin or Fiona Apple. Her main influences are Radiohead, Gwen Stefani, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Modest Mouse and Death Cab for Cutie.

She became what she always dreamed. A creative writer, musician and amateur photographer. Success with her own work, Rachel tapped 
into another passion. Teaching. 

Now pursuing inspiration, through consulting, Rachel now works with people all over the world and is thrilled to be a part of the creative 

career industry.

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"Let me help you discover your creative potential. I hope you enjoy my products and services as much as I enjoy offering them to you."
Rachel Orsie-Coomer
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