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Guitar practice, lesson and mastery secrets the guitar teachers don't want you to know.

​Finally, more meaning in your playing and skyrocketing results even if you've never measured your technique or mastery level before. 

Teaching yourself guitar can be amazing. You're provided daily, weekly and monthly info about your guitar comprehension. You're specifically informed on how you can improve. You've now created self-regulated learning!

I hope that's you. Are you: 

  • Teaching yourself guitar?
  • Not wanting a private teacher?
  • Wanting to check your technique daily and weekly?
  • Wanting to measure your guitar mastery monthly and quarterly?

But instead you're wondering if you're doing anything correctly. And not sure if you meet the standard. Or any standard. 

Start viewing homework as a tool for learning again. Develop invaluable skills for lifelong learning. You can promote learning within yourself with a less costly method to a private teacher. 

You can have it all with the "Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself" Bundle. Daily, weekly, montly and even quarterly, check your technique and measure your mastery to: 

  • Clear up misunderstandings before you get off track
  • Close the gap between guitar knowledge and learning goals
  • Connect learning objectives with real-life situations
  • Increase your motivation to learn more guitar by setting goals
  • Develop a range of effective learning strategies
  • Learn to judge the quality of your own skill against well-defined criteria
  • Improve your ability to learn
  • Take pride and ownership in your own learning

The bundle comes with the "Daily & Weekly Practice/Lesson" Assessment and the "Monthly/Quarterly Mastery" Assessment. Both assessments come in 2 versions. 1 e-version and 1 printer friendly version. You can transfer the e-version to a PDF editing platform to use it digitally. And of course, the printer friendly one is printable and meant to be written on. 

The "Daily/Weekly Practice/Lesson" Assessment is a type of "formative" assessment. You use it daily or once a week, depending how often you learn and practice. Every practice or lesson, pull the "Daily & Weekly" Assessment to your side and keep track of how you're learning. There's a section to help you hold yourself accountable for your homework, also. Along with "homework", you'll also be checking things like your body posture, finger placements, rhythm and more.

Every month or 3 months, pull out the "Monthly/Quarterly Mastery" Assessment and give yourself a "final exam". For best results, video record yourself on a phone or computer. You'll then be able to watch yourself while measuring your mastery level. It also has a section for keeping yourself accountable for your "homework". This assessment measures your mastery of finger and rhythm exercises; scales; musical pieces and more. Think of it as a "summative" assessment.

These assessments were created by me for my private guitar students. I don't see the point of withholding this info to self-teaching guitarists so they can get better. My goal as a teacher is to help people learn guitar, not just to have them as private students. 

If you're not fully satisfied within 30 days, you'll be given a full refund. 

Check out testimonials here and please let me  know if you have any questions. You can contact me via social, email or text.

Happy Holidays! 

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