Weekly & Bi-Weekly Guitar Player Assessment

1 E-Version (6 pages) and 1 Printable Version (2 pages)​​

Now any self-taught guitarist can become great by avoiding bad habits, checking your technique and holding yourself to a high standard with the "Weekly & Bi-Weekly Guitar Player Assessment" package. Read more... ​​​​​ ​​

Monthly & Quarterly Guitar Player Assessment

2 E-Versions (6 pages/8pages) and 2 Printable Versions (2 pages/4pages)​​

If you don't grab this package...imagine...spending the little time you have researching things to learn, then you learn it. And then you have to practice. But not until you spend more of the little free time you have (AGAIN) researching. Going through all the progress sheets and assessments you can find to hopefully find a good one. Is it even right??? Read more...​​​

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Bundle​​

1 E-Version (8 pages) and 1 Printable Version (4 pages)​​

Anyone can be a self-taught guitarist. But not everyone can become a great self-taught guitarist! Read more...